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Therapeutic Life Coaching

What is TLC? (Therapeutic Life Coaching)
TLC combines life coaching and personal therapy to offer a holistic approach to support each individual to recognise and develop their potential, on a personal level or through career development. TLC works by trying to really understand the issues you may be struggling with from a non-judgemental standpoint. It aims to help you identify the blocks you set up that prevent you achieving your goals. It also helps you maintain self-confidence, gain self-acceptance and nourish self-belief.

TLC is a means of supporting you and enabling you to acknowledge your core strengths and make new choices and changes in your life. If you do not feel you are ready yet to make those changes we can work with you therapeutically to encourage you to that stage.

Where does it take place?
Although many life-coaches offer telephone or internet coaching we believe this is not adequate to develop an effective relationship which will encourage real change. We therefore suggest that initially we meet face to face to decide the best way forward for you.

How often do I need to come?
Whilst this needs to be assessed for each individual, it is not uncommon for as few as three sessions to be effective. However we normally suggest 4-6 face to face sessions usually on a weekly basis, then it is up to you how often you want to come. At this stage telephone counselling can be discussed as an option.

Who comes for TLC?
People come to see us for many different reasons, for example:
• to feel more confident
• to change their life path
• to feel more fulfilled at work
• to improve relationships with family and partners
• to learn to be more confident as a parent
• to gain a deeper meaning in their life
• to recognise or fulfil a life long dream.

What do you need to be ready to make use of TLC?
Unlike therapy, TLC requires you to be ready to make changes in your life even if you do not as yet know what they are going to be. We will help you identify them and be alongside you as you make changes and develop new strategies and abilities. As we are both qualified and experiences psychotherapists we will also be able to help you distinguish self-defeating patterns from the past and work through them.

Relationship Coaching
Paul and Bernice together offer TLC to enhance relationships giving couples an opportunity to explore their relationship and focus on enriching and developing more relational intimacy.

If you want to know more email Bernice or Paul

Life-coach Supervision Training
If you are a life coach and are interested in training to become a supervisor, Cascade offers a Diploma in supervision for counsellors and people in related professions. click adult only child

Paul and Bernice offer workshops on a variety of themes including addiction, existentialism, menswork, creative expression, supervision and assertiveness.

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