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Our lives consist of a complex set of relationships that we constantly have to negotiate and re-negotiate. One of the most difficult tasks in living is to have functional and meaningful relationships with other human beings. It could be said that therapy is an examination and exploration of relationships in our lives especially our relationship with ourselves.

It is through other people, their impact on us and our impact on them that we come to understand ourselves as a separate person. Nowhere is this perhaps more acute than in therapy when it is successful.

Often it is difficult to understand what is happening when a relationship is in crisis or has broken down or is just simply difficult. Therapy can be an excellent place to explore and understand this aspect of our lives.

Collaborative Couple Counselling

In recent years Paul and Bernice have developed an innovative approach of working together with Couples that involves a collaboration between all four people. We begin with an initial session where each individual works separately with one of us and a clear contract about the passing of information is agreed. In this session we establish the nature of the difficulty within the relationship from each individuals perspective. Immediately after this session we all come together and Paul and Bernice discuss openly with each other their perception of the relationship from the initial session. After observing this discussion the couple are invited to comment and collaboratively decide on how the work needs to progress. This format allows a clearer picture of the dynamics within the relationship to emerge. It ensures that both partners can feel heard within a respectful and safe setting whilst at the same time having the opportunity to see their current problems through 'other' eyes in the present moment of this collaborative exploration.

Paul Smith-Pickard, Spindleberry, North Road, Chideock, Bridport, Dorset DT6 6LE 01297 489216


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