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Sorensen 2008 Only-child Experience and Adulthood Palgrave

Bernice Sorensen nly Child Experience and Adulthood

Only-child Experience and Adulthood, published by Palgrave: This book examines only-child experience in global perspective and offers an insight into the dilemmas and challenges only-children face as adults. Explored from both a social and psychological perspective, it reveals the complexity and multidimensional nature of the private and public worlds of the only-child. by Bernice Sorensen available now from this website. Click here to request a signed copy. To order from Amazon Click here
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Therapy Today: April 2006 Spoilt or Spoiled: The Shame of Being an Only.

Self & Society: July/August 2006 Not Special but Different: The Only-child Experience.

The Journal of Counselling Children and Adolescence: October 2006: Only Child Challenges and How Counsellors can Help.

Sorensen, B. (2008) And when the therapist or supervisor dies.... In ‘Intimations of Mortality’ Ed. Barnett, L. London, Routledge.

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I have written three books as a result of my own experience as a counsellor working with young people, women who have been emotionally abused and only-children.

Mabey & Sorensen 1995 Counselling for Young People OUP

Sorensen & Mabey 2000 Never Again: Surviving Emotional Abuse (unpublished)



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