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As an Existential Psychotherapist, I am here to help create a supportive therapeutic space where my clients can hear themselves describe their lives and their dilemmas, and hopefully meet themselves in the process. I try to help my clients arrive at a place where they realize that they can choose to effect change in their life and their relationships, or not.

Individual Therapy
I see therapy as a collaborative joint venture between my client and myself. I want to meet you and know who you are in your world. I would also like you to be able to meet yourself in new ways. My role in this journey of exploration is to listen to your descriptions and feelings attentively so that we can develop as good an understanding of you and your world as we possibly can. The sessions are usually conversational in style and build around a careful description of your world, your concerns, your relationships and your thoughts and feelings. Sessions usually take place in my consulting room at a regular time each week and normally last for 50mins. However some clients have different needs and any of the above is open to negotiation. Clients may come to me for a short period of time over several weeks or even a single session, whilst others want longer-term work lasting many months and even years.

Intensive Residential Therapy
My colleague and I offer short-term intensive residential therapy over a 5-day period in Dorset for clients wishing to work on a particular issue, crisis, or emotional emergency.

In addition to Individual Therapy I also provide Couple Counselling for couples that need support in working through either a crisis or impasse in their relationship. Couples include any two people with a relational connection for example parent and child, work colleagues, same-sex partners, married or divorced couples.

Telephone and Skype Counselling
To meet the needs of some of my client’s living or working long distances away or in other countries, I provide therapy over the phone or Skype with an optional video link. Sometimes this is supported with occasional face-to-face meetings.

Paul Smith-Pickard, Spindleberry, North Road, Chideock, Bridport, Dorset DT6 6LE 01297 489216


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