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Dr Paul Smith-Pickard offers Counselling and Psychotherapy for both individuals and couples in West Dorset and in London. A former Chair of the Society for Existential Analysis and an Existential Psychotherapist.
Paul has found that working with an existential focus has been helpful for people coming to him with a wide range of issues including problems of sexuality and relationship, eating disorders, drug and alcohol problems, post-divorce parenting, physical and emotional trauma, depression and stress, along with general life crises and dilemmas.
People do not necessarily need to have a serious problem or difficulty to come to Paul for therapy. Some people come to assess where they are in their lives or to help them make a decision about the future. Others come in order to know themselves better and achieve positive change through Therapeutic Life Coaching see TLC page above.

What is Existential Psychotherapy?
Existential psychotherapy is about helping you to understand and make sense of your life and what is happening to you now. It can help you recognize your habitual ways of dealing with life and with people as you find some sort of meaning for what is taking place in your life by making sense of your experiences and relationships.
It's also about realizing that you have choices about how you would like your life to be in the future, how you chose to remember your past, and how you negotiate your relationships with people.
Continental philosophy and a wide range of existential thought inform existential therapy but central to Paul’s approach to therapy are the existential ideas that:

• We live in a world that we share with others where we have to negotiate shared meanings as well as finding our own sense of reality;
• Our sense of identity is forged through our interaction with others so that there is no fixed or essential self as such and that we are constantly in flux, creating ourselves out of our own choices to the dilemmas that we face;
• Ultimately we are personally responsible for our own lives and the choices that we make;
• Life is a series of unavoidable losses as well as gains;
• Bodily felt experience and emotion are just as valid as intellectual thought as they are always connected and mind and body cannot be separated;
• Listening is a whole body experience where we communicate through a mutual understanding outside of words;
• We inhabit the World and the World inhabits us.


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Dr Paul Smith-Pickard, D.Psych. M.A.dist. M.Ed.UKCP.reg.

Paul Smith-Pickard, Spindleberry, North Road, Chideock, Bridport, Dorset DT6 6LE 01297 489216


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