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New Book! 'Only Child Experience and Adulthood'
by Bernice Sorensen available now from this website. Click here to request a signed copy To order from Amazon Click here

Bernice Sorensen nly Child Experience and Adulthood

About the book
This book presents accounts of the experience of growing up without siblings
across the world. These stories offer a range of only-child voices which speak
of the challenges and differences only-children face throughout their lives.

The stories were collected through interviews and this website and they give
witness to the lives of adult onlies. The complexity and multidimensional
nature of the private, personal and public worlds of the only-child are
discussed from a social and psychological perspective.

The book also offers important insights for people in the helping professions working with child and adult only-children. Above all the book demonstrates the importance of witnessing and existential validation for only-children whilst providing understanding to help guide parents and partners of only-children.

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