paul smith-pickard : addictions

My personal existential approach treats addiction as an inappropriate response or coping strategy to the difficulty of living in a world with other people. In other words problems of addiction are problems of relationship. Usually the primary relationship in an addict’s life is the object or substance of their addiction. My focus in working with addiction, which is based on many years experience, is generally threefold: on the object or substance; on the person; and on the interface between the person and their world. I believe that Addiction is a response to life that can be made intelligible and understood.
I trained in Co-dependency treatment at the Meadows Treatment centre in Arizona and have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the 12step programme and the culture of the recovery movement.


Paul Smith-Pickard, Spindleberry, North Road, Chideock, Bridport, Dorset DT6 6LE 01297 489216


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